The Weekend: Aug 6th -Aug 8th

I wish that I had a whole lot of fun things to report from this weekend, but I really dont. 
Friday night we worked for a while on the house when we got home, and then we went over to a going away party for one of Terry's co-workers(intern) this summer.  It was interesting to finally put some faces with names I had heard about from his job.  We didn't stay very long because we were both pretty zonked.

Saturday we got up early and worked on the house.  Terry painted the french doors while I painted the door frame. 
I went and got my hair cut...nothing fancy but tried out a new salon and really liked it.  They were voted #1 salon in St. Louis, and I liked my stylist a lot.  Terry and Earl went and played golf in the afternoon, and when they got home and cleaned up, we went out to Dinner at Andria's Steakhouse.  We've heard wonderful things about the restaurant so we were really excited.  We unfortunately were very underwhelmed.  They were out of a lot of items on the menu which was unfortunate, and right when we got there it was as hot in the dining room as I'm sure it was in the kitchen.  We got a fabulous bottle of wine though, although we each only had a glass, so we got to take the rest home. :-)  After dinner, we went to a bar in downtown Belleville called Seven to meet up with some of Earl's friends.  We did not stay long because every single person but Terry and I were smoking, so on account of not being able to breath, we left fairly soon after arriving.
Sunday was a lot of yardwork.  Our Hibiscus and Rose of Sharon shrubs/trees are blooming like crazy right now and they are gorgeous.  Here's some pictures.

We made Kabobs for dinner Sunday night; Chicken, Beef, Spicy Bratwurst, and then veggies of  peppers, onions and eggplant.  Did not like the eggplant, but seeing as it was my first time ever trying it, I'm sure I'll give it another try....just not grilled. 

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend


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