Oh Dining Room, Oh Dining Room, How lovely are your colors

Hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas! Lots of pictures in this post of what we did over the long Christmas weekend. It's still not 100% but it's certainly a 180 from what it was as of last Wednesday.

Here's how it was when we were looking at the house:

Yes my friends, that is aqua blue....in the dining room. And the picture doesn't truly do it justice because you dont see the blue flowery curtains on the window in this picture. So first step was to prime that awful color goodbye. I tried taking the picture from the same place in the dining room rather than shots of different places in the room. Note to those of you who have not had the luxury of priming....do not get it on your skin. It does NOT come off like regular paint.

Bye Bye Blue!!!

Next, we put up the blue tape for where the chair rail is going to go. On DIY Network, it told us that is goes roughly 1/3 of the way up the wall. We set it just a little higher than 1/3 bc we're painting to two different drastic colors on each side. We started with the light tan on top.

The one thing that is already driving us nuts, and it's one of those things that no one else will notice but we always will, is that we really like how the color looks in the daylight....not so much when it's dim. You can kind of see a difference between the picture above (taken at night) and the next picture (during the day). At night, there's almost a yellow tint in it.
So after the top was completed (unfortunately I had to do 2 coats), I started on the bottom, which is called Tree Bark. Terry took a picture of me hard at work :-)

I ripped the tape off this morning, so the next picture, you can get a sense of what it will really look like once Terry puts up the white chair rail. You can definitely see the color difference on the top between the previous picture (taken Sunday night) and the next picture (taken this morning).

One more room (almost) completed! Yay!!!


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