Favorite Christmas Songs

I found this online and just had to put it up. I know that many of you may not put this one on your Top 10 list of christmas songs, but personnaly my christmas is not complete without it. Thankfully the song isn't indicative of our true feelings at Christmas (Terry loves hanging lights, my "in-laws" are fantastic and incredibly missed this year, I love sending our Christmas cards, we found our Christmas Tree a week before Thanksgiving for $15, etc.) but by the 9th thing at Christmas, I am laughing hysterically when it gets to the screaming kid and the guy putting up the lights.

The song that makes me cry every year. I can hear any other artist sing it and I'm fine, but Celine's voice does it to me.

Last but not least, gotta have this one every year! Was more fitting last year, but it's still one of my favorites!

So, I hope your Christmas isn't too much of a pain, that you have a night that is quite divine, and here's wishing you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart!



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