All I want for Christmas is .... a free (and skilled) painter, carpenter, electrician, interior designer, and demolition crew.

That isn't too much to ask for right?!

While all of you will be celebrating the holidays with family and friends, cozily unwrapping presents by the Christmas Tree with your Hot Chocolate (or Hot Toddy's) in hand, Terry and I will be tearing into the house. We opted not to spend money on big gifts so that we could spend more money on things we want for the house. Stockings are the only thing that we are doing, so that will be fun! Right now the mantle has 8 stockings on it, and I finally have everything for his 4.
Our Christmas isn't going to be as wonderful as Christmases past. We are all alone this year, no going to visit anyone, or anyone coming to visit us, so it's going to be very strange. I already told Terry that Christmas music is going to be playing all day, and you can all imagine how excited he was at the thought of that. I think his response was, "Please don't do that to me". Ha. Our Christmas is however going to be filled with lots of fun and prepping around the house. This past Sunday I primed the dining room, so no more awful blue, it is just currently in a stark white state. My plan on Christmas morning is to have the dining room painted and have the curtains up by nightfall. We decided to do the room in two colors, the top half above the chair rail will be a cream tone (the color is called ponytail), and the bottom half a dark brown (can't remember the name right off hand but a cross of mocha and dark chocolate). Fingers crossed it looks good with the curtains we had in the living room in Round Rock.
Then, the weekend is going to be the never-ending continuation of working on the Kitchen cabinets. The ones that are done really are beautiful, but had I known this whole process was going to take this long, I think I may have opted for new cabinet doors over re-facing and re-staining them ourselves. I don't have any pictures right now, but I'll put them in soon. I'm not sure if Demo'ing one of the bathrooms is on the to-do list this weekend, but that's another possibility. Also, the weekend is going to be filled with cleaning up and organizing for the upcoming brigade of friends and family coming to visit in January. Braga will be here Dec. 30th-Jan 4th, Jeff will be here Jan 8th-11th, and Allison will be here Jan 15th-18th. So, yah, the cabinets are probably not going to be finished until March. Only 6 months since Terry started them....no biggie.

What's on your Christmas list? And more importantly, have you been naughty or nice this year?



Allison said... Add Reply

I can help with the cabinets when I come! (Working towards the "nice" list for next year...unless it can be retroactive and go towards tomorrow's presents from Santa. In which case, I'd like a new house).

Can't wait to see you!
Merry Christmas Eve!
I love you!

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