Not sure where to even begin....so I'll start here

Only a few of you will even know about this blog-ness monster I've decided to start, so I figure that the first post may as well get it all out there and it will be improved upon in posts to follow.

My reasoning behind this blog is that there are quite a few of you that I just dont keep in touch with as much as I wish that I could. This in no way is a New-Years Resolution, frankly I think those are a waste of time and they start the year off with failure because lets be real...who really achieves their New Years Resolutions?! This is just my little way of hopefully keeping my close friends in-the-know of my life, which is exactly where I want them. So, I think this is a good list to start with:
Goal 1: Keep updates on home improvements. I've been awful about telling people all the improvements we are doing to the house, so this can be the perfect place to track the changes. It's a continuous work in progress, but it's all new to us and it's getting better and better by the day. Hopefully pictures will be included, fingers crossed that I can figure out how to do that on here.
Goal 2: What is semi-new and needs some serious improving is my waistline. Well I guess in actuality its not my wasteline but rather my thunder thighs and "apple-bottom" booty that have taken on their own life-force. I need a place to gripe, make fun, and motivate my pear-shaped self to get it together. Your comments will be expected during these posts. :-)
Goal 3: See St. Louis. Strangely enough, since we bought the house I have definitely become a homebody. Or it may be that I'm a homebody because I have not made any friends here. Either way, I want to take in this city with all that it has to offer. Luckily, January is a jam-packed month of people coming in to visit, and there are many promises of more visits in the coming months, so hopefully there will be posts of Saint Louieee.
Goal 4: In the past year or so, I have definitely become a bookworm. These posts will obviously be more spread out, but just wanting to keep an account of what I'm reading and my thoughts about it after its completion.

Ok, there's my plan. Things may be added (vacations, big events) or deleted (my weight improvements or lack there-of may have to be put in the closet), but there is definitely not material lacking for these 4 goals.

lets talk soon,
MYLY (Miss you, Love you)


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