2009 on rewind

This really was a great year, and a great way to end the decade. Some of the great highlights of 2009:
-Valentines Day. I'm a spoiled girl that is for sure. Went to dinner at Flemings Steakhouse, Terry put in last order for Lobster but then Bill Clinton put in his order so Terry got the shaft, rushing through dinner to get to Stubb's to go see Citizen Cope.
-SXSW 2009: Em/Linds style. Emily flying in on a Wednesday to San Antonio, out too late, up too early, boat tour, drive up to Austin, drink at Fado's, snap decision to go to La Zona Rosa for Tori Amos, all day Shenanigans Friday, Rachel Ray party with Terry, Em and I in frilly dresses going into a bar where everyone is a biker in black leather and biker grear to see Scorpion Child which Terry LOVED.
-Austin. Music(Adele, Sugarland, Billy Currington, Bob Shneider, Erin McCarley, Aaron Wright, Matt Nathanson, Jacks Mannequin, Scorpion Child, Tori Amos, the Spazmatics), the Memories (Katie's Booze Cruise, Jet Skiing with Mom, all the nights downtown, Happy Hours at Chuys and McCormick and Schmidts, Billy's drives down from Dallas, Dakota, Biz visits from Michigan).
-Graduating from Johns Hopkins with a Masters in Biotechnology. Beyond stressed out in the days leading up to it, thought Terry was going to be done with me, not sleeping for 2 days then passing out while waiting to pick him up at the airport and making him wait over an hour while my phone was on vibrate, getting my diploma, having Mom and Terry there with me, Mom so proud made me proud, driving to Rockville to celebrate with all my closest friends, Terry turning 35 at midnight, driving to Ocean City for the night, crab feast, sun tans, up to see family, seeing how much all the girls grew.
-One of my favorite days of 2009 wasn't even planned. Babysat Dakota in the morning, called up my girlfriend Katie, scheduled jet skis for an hour on Lake Travis, hung out at Carlos and Charlies, Terry and Jake met up, saw Scorpion Child and Stain'd, all day was spur of the moment, living in the moment, and was so memorable.
-Next stop: St. Louis. Having to say goodbye to good friends and a great city in Austin, packing and packing and packing, driving up alone a week before Terry for two interviews at Wash. U. School of Medicine, interviewing on a Tuesday, getting an offer on that Thursday, accepting the job with the crazy boss which turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made in a long time, starting the job that following Monday, living in the duplex and feeling suffocated, starting to explore the city, Cardinals baseball games, going up the Arch, excited for the new adventures here in 2010.
-Buying our first home. The multitude of houses to view before we decided on "the one". The nerves, the anticipation, the happy tears, driving in downtown Belleville looking at other homes and getting the call that the house was ours, stopping at the closest bar for a celebratory drink and not being able to find that bar since, move-in day, slowly and surely making the house our Home.
-Mrs. Lauren Neimeyer. One of my roommates from college tied the knot, flew into Baltimore the morning of the wedding, Allison picked me up and we went scouting for her gift, met up with Ray, long and glorious nap in the hotel room, two hearts became one, pre-game room, beautiful reception, reminiscing, after-party room, taking 500 bobby-pins out of Chars hair, Allison snoring all night long, crying pulling up to the airport.
-Our trip to Napa in October. Meeting all the interesting people at the wine tasting our first night, adventuring into Napa Valley, so many laughs, so many smiles, our night out with Newman and his dad in San Fran, our night at the Intercontinental in San Fran, the Eagles/Raiders game in Oakland, Spengers fishmarket in Berkeley, more wineries. All so beautiful, so many cherished memories.
-Mr. and Mrs. David Taylor. One of my best friends got married this winter. Flew in the morning of the wedding, met up with Em, lunch with Em and Rebs, rushing to get to the church on time, David so happy, meeting up with Eric and Julia and Audrey before reception, helping Keith with his groomsmen speech, listening to him butcher it, crying during Drews speech about the 4M's, Dancing, Cheers, After-party, Jake Biz and Brian, Quality Time with David, Terry being an incredible boyfriend, not wanting the night to end.
-Susan's Annual Christmas Party. Always such a great event but this year even better. Was so good about trying to surprise everyone up until the last week when I broke to the brothers. Still got to surprise Kristin and the girls which was so worth it, spending time getting to know Chloe, getting excited talking about Jeff coming to help us with the house, Terry drinking a little too much at the party but letting loose with the family and showing them even more reasons why I love him so much, Terry making a wonderful meal for the Lincoln crew, spending all day with the girls Sunday. I really have the best family anyone could ask for.
-All the other little memories. Late night phone calls, constant reminders of how lucky I am to have my friends and family in my life, Jenna's conversation with Terry asking him if we will get married like Mommy and Daddy, having a great job that is rewarding and motivating, being in love and having daily reminders of how fortunate I am to have him, the 4-month (and counting) kitchen project, nights for dinner at North in Austin, opening a great bottle of wine on Saturday Steak Nights, Em visiting St. Louis and Belle-vegas and Oktoberfest, weekend in Chicago with Billy and Jordan with Cubs tickets 8 rows behind home plate and partying with Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson and Plain White T's, Bulldogs football game in Champaign IL with Billy and Jordan coming to visit, all of my mom's visits (good or bad) all over the country to spend time with us, and thousands I'm not mentioning.

Here's to a new year filled with happiness and hopefulness, smiles and cheerful tears, friendships to fill the heart, family to fill the soul, and most of all, I hope there is always love.


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Just HAD to mention the snoring.. I was congested...and inebriated..:)

Love the last paragraph, I might have to steal it from you.

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