Venice Cafe: The City Museum in Bar form

After dinner on Saturday night, Terry and I decided before we went back home that we would stop off somewhere downtown to hang out for a bit.  When Scott was here visiting over the summer, he had mentioned a place called The Venice Cafe in Soulard, and while Emily was here in November, I remember we drove by it, so I had a vague idea of where it was (we didn't have the GPS with us at the time...UGH!).  Low and behold though, we found our way there, and let me tell you.....it was ridiculous! 

VERY eclectic.  Our best description is that it felt like you were standing inside of a kaleidoscope everywhere we went. 

 The Bathroom....I know, odd and a bit gross I took a picture of the bathroom....but I mean come on, look at this place! There was a whole other side section inside, which is where I was standing for the picture.

A side seating area a bit away from all the music. 

It was like this in every nook and cranny in the whole place.  Felt just like The City Museum

The band, Fresh Heir, was amazing.  The drummer was the lead vocalist, and the band also had trumpet, saxaphone, bass, and guitar players. 

The basement was to the bathrooms.....and the large Terrarium and coy fish pond.

Any upcoming visitors....we will be re-visiting here when you come. :-) 


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