Chicago Take 1: Jordans Surprise Birthday Party

Terry and I jetted drove up to Chicago for the weekend and had an amazing trip.  The main purpose for driving up was for my friend Jordan's 25th birthday surprise celebration.  Billy had the party planned for months in advance, so we were in from the first mention.  I must say though that the snow earlier in the week had us quite nervous, but it all worked out perfect.
Her party started at 8:30, but by the time we got to our hotel and snagged some food (post to follow), we didn't make it to the bar until close to 10.  When we walked in, Jordan was on the dance floor, so I ran out and jumped in with her.  Her expression and realization were simply priceless.  She registered the, "hey I'm dancing with Gibbons", but then it was watching her string it together that, "HOLY @#%@)(*$@ Lindsey and Terry are here" that was so perfect.  She started sobbing and had me in a strangle hug-hold for a few minutes.  Man I love surprises!!! I'm awful at them (Terry will attest), but if I can pull them off, they are the Best!!
still in shock

Lauren came to play, cracking us up all night! My cheeks hurt the next morning from laughing so much.

Billy pulled off an amazing surprise!

After the party was over, a smaller group moved to another bar down the street.  It took a while to get there however because, well, we'll just blame all the snow.

Low Key's together (always have to get a group shot)

Such a fun night!!


Billy said... Add Reply

mike looks like waldo. that is all.

LGibbs said... Add Reply

Hahahaha! Didn't catch that look before. He owns it!

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