More Light Holes in the Front Room

Super boring post, but maybe if I write it, we will actually finish this project and not just leave it to finish itself like the past 5 projects we've started.  What can I say; we have so much drive and ambition at the beginning.... and then by the end we are each waiting for the other to finish stuff up.  Come on Terry!!!!  I kid!

So you already know about our first set of lights that went in here, but we definitely needed lights on the wall behind the couch as well.  Just to refresh your memory....the only light that the room had previous to these new installs was this guy.

Poor light.  We really love his character, and we just couldn't squish (squash?) his dreams of illuminating the whole room, so he stays.  But since sitting in a dark room is not high on our list of things we love to do, he had to have some help. 

This past weekend we....and this time IT REALLY WAS A WE scenario (I was sweating and my arms hurt for two days) cut three more holes in the ceiling above the couch.
We measured....and measured....drew circles...realized we were off the stud too much....wiped the circles off with bleach....remeasured....drew another ^&$^%#$ circle....realized we were off AGAIN....wiped with bleach AGAIN....and then we got it right (YIPPEE).

I almost asked Terry to take pictures of me cutting the holes for proof that I work, but I didn't want to come off as vain.  So no "during" shots.  But here's the after. 

And that is how it still sits.  We need to hook up the recessed light boxes and he has to run the electrical line up in the attic.  I get to screw in the lightbulbs (hard work I tell ya!) and Voila!

I'll update if it gets finished or not this weekend.  There are rumbling sounds of master bathroom demolition this weekend.  If that is the case, THE LIGHTS WILL WAIT!!!  Give me a sledge hammer!!!! :-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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