Let there be light!

While we got iced in last week, we were a highly productive team for house updates.  That wall in the front room is just itching for our painting, and while we have finally figured out all the framing issues for it, the next phase we needed to plan was the lighting.  Terry has been scoping and scheming this idea for a while, but it was finally put into action. (Thanks again Jeff for all the electrical Q&A)

Man hard at work (picture looking in through the french doors from the kitchen)

(another shot so you know where-abouts I'm talking in the house.  You can see part of my handi-work in finishing up priming around the french-doors so it can be painted to the room color again and the door trim can go up.

This was my handi-work on the other side of the door.  What started as just priming the space around the door frame turned into priming the entire kitchen.  Since we're going to be re-painting the kitchen anyway, I figured it was as good a time as any to tackle it. 

I missed a lot of picture taking, but taking pictures of wires running down walls and in the attic and light fixture installation is not that exciting anyway, so here's a pic of the finished product instead. 

Can't Wait for the Painting!!!!


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