Chicago Take 2: John Hancock Building off the Bucket List

I've been wanting to go up the Hancock Building for the views of the city for a few visits now, but we always end up getting ourselves into other fun things instead.  This trip, it was happening! 

View from the Bottom

96th Floor Please

View from the top looking West

Not the greatest pic, but ya win some, ya lose some ;-)

Picture looking North up Lakeshore Drive

View East looking at Navy Pier

We went up to the restaurant and lounge, which I would definitely suggest if you are visiting but don't want to fork out the money for the Observatory.  I did read that the Observatory View provides a lot of history, which would be nice with a group or with family, but we just preferred going up, hanging out, and feeling like a (warm) bird overlooking the city for the afternoon.


Jessica said... Add Reply

Did you stand on the rail, put your forehead on the glass, and look down like Ferris Bueller?

It's kind of awesome.

calmom said... Add Reply

You could almost see the future from up there

Billy said... Add Reply

Where is Terry's unbelievable cell phone photo?

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