Gotta Love a Love Day

Virtual smooches going out today to each of you!! 

Terry and I don't "do" V-day, as I've made him obligated to dote on me throughout the whole year and not just one specific holiday that Hallmark decided to invent. ;-)

Anyway, last night in our sassy non-celebrating fashion, we decided to make the chocolate souffles that Terry made our first year dating. ("Yah! Let's ignore V-day but make the souffles you made me for V-day 5 years ago!" Ha)

I am very pleased to report that they just turned into a complete disaster!  Puzzled that I wrote pleased?  Well here's the thing; I was beginning to think that Terry was a miracle worker in the kitchen.  Everything that boy produces is amazing.  It was nice knowing and seeing that even the best cook in the world (my opinion) can have a few oops moments and that we can laugh about it.  Also, it was a fun time in the kitchen together with us working on each of our parts pre-disaster.

We learned a new lesson in that when the recipe states to use a metal bowl...to use a metal bowl.  Glass apparently retains to much heat and cooked our egg yolks during the mixing part of the melted chocolate with egg yolks.  We tried twice.....failed both of them.
(This is supposed to look gooey and runny chocolate)

Instead....it was almost like brownie
 Here was our second attempt.  Again another Chocolate Egg Yolk Ball with the Egg Whites patiently waiting to be folded into the chocolate liquid blob.

We did make a third attempt at dessert, although this time we took a different approach.  We finally had success! (and it was quite tasty with very little clean-up)  :-)


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