February: Meet Deloris (Cali Mom) Stamps

I thought February would be a great month to get to know Deloris.  Terry has had her all his life, and I have been fortunate to have her in mine for the past 4 and a half years.  She has a very special place in my heart for raising her baby boy into the man I love so much today.  You've heard about Deloris a few times here and here, but I thought she needed a little more attention. :-)

Places we've been together: Fresno, Ca; Oxnard, Ca; Austin, Tx; Branson, Mo
Best thing about Deloris: She cares so much about her family
Funniest thing about Deloris:  When I read her emails, she is one of the very few people that as I'm reading, I feel like I am actually hearing her speak, I hear her voice and her inflictions in her writing, it always makes me laugh
Worst thing about her: She lives so far away (I see a growing trend on what the answer to this question will be every month)
I could ramble for quite a while of all the wonderful qualities of Dee-Dee (as Grandpa calls her), but I'll let her take it from here.

I met Lindsey in July of 2007 at a bar-b-que when Terry brought her to CA. She was pretty and nice, (you don’t always get both in the same package), she gave us all hugs like she’d known us forever and was so friendly with everyone [oh yes, I noticed the southern accent, it’s still hard to believe she isn’t from a southern state] (I have heard this comment a lot, but I just still don't "hear" it). During the evening she spent a lot of time talking with me, as usual I chatted way too much (Mom loves herself some chatting....and I am always all ears). Of course she said lots of good things about Terry but who wouldn’t; although I am his mother and he’s youngest so I could be biased.  She was extra kind to my dad (Grandpa is strong-willed and sassy so he was just my kind of man!); I have since found she does that with all elderly folk. Lol, like I’m not in the older category yet. When we were getting ready to leave Lindsey made a point of walking with me to get Terrance [grandson] out of the pool. She wanted to let me know she really liked Terry and that she cared for him.  I hope Lindsey doesn’t mind me sharing but it was a special moment for me. She said it with such sincerity. I think I loved her from that moment. On the way home Grandpa, Ken (Terry's Dad...she hasn't mentioned him yet), and I all agreed she was great. Grandpa was especially impressed, the reason I say that is because he usually doesn’t say too much on things like that. She took pictures, of course at the time I didn’t realize that Lindsey is never without her camera (Me? Take pictures?? She MUST have had me confused with someone else...:-)~ ).  After they got back to Maryland she sent pictures to us and to Grandpa, and wrote him a letter. In fact she communicated with us so much that Terry commented about it, he wasn’t sure that was such a good idea. But it didn’t stop us.
(from L to R: Mike, Shannon, Deloris, Grandpa, Terry, Ken)

Lindsey and I have a lot in common which to me is another reason she’s the one (The one, Mom? Whatsoever could you be referring to?!). Our birthdays are in Oct., we’re both left handed, we get excited over little things such as seeing fruit on trees for the first time, and we like baking cookies together. There was something else but I really could use a new memory chip in my brain (we like puzzles, we both read a lot, and we both love and always miss the ocean). And…we both LOVE Terry. Not the same way of course, but that’s irrelevant.
(Family Portrait Oct. 2010)
Each time we’ve all been together I love her more. Terry said once if they ever broke up he was in big trouble because his family would all take Lindsey’s side. He’s right. I just wish I could call her my daughter-in-law for real. Then I could say I have the 2 best daughters-in-law in the country. That reminds me I wandered away from the subject of y’all getting to know more about me – other than I talk too much.

My husband Ken and I have been married 42 years as of this past Dec. 28th (They celebrated their 40th anniversary in Texas with us, it was a very special day).
 (Austin 2008 on their 40th anniversary)

We have 3 grown children, Diane, Michael, and Terry.
 (Can't help laughing at Ken and his hair!  Family portrait circa ~1976? Terry is the little one on Deloris' lap)
We have two grandson’s; Terrance is Diane’s, who is age 16 (awful age). Jeffrey is Michael’s and he is age 11 (almost to the awful years).
We have one daughter-in-law, Shannon, who is Mike’s wife. Diane, Shannon, and Lindsey are alike in so many ways. You know…beautiful, kind, caring, giving, and they are so gentle and kind to Grandpa that it makes me feel guilty sometimes. Let me mention one more time it would be nice if Terry would give me another one (Was this "the one" you were talking about earlier...I didn't quite catch your meaning the first time :-)  ). That’s an idea….maybe he could ask or even marry her on Mother’s Day, yes that would make a great gift. But I’m not rushing him...that never works out.
I retired from the Clovis school system after over 27 years. No not as a teacher, not enough patience or parent tolerance. (She was a Librarian....well Librarian Technician, is that the same thing?) My favorite things; my children all of them, the ocean from the beach, reading, too many detective shows on tv, working in the yard, knitting, playing card or board games, pizza, diet coke, dove chocolate and wine[mostly white, but have just discovered white merlot].
 (Branson, Mo 2010)

Guess it’s time to quit. Lindsey didn’t ask for a novel length blog.

Happy Valentine’s to everyone,

california mom


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