"Where in the HELL was I goin' when I got up to start going there??"

This weekend Terry and I took off for Branson, Missouri to visit his family.  His grandfather and all of his grandfathers siblings went to Branson High School and they were having an "All-Year Reunion".  I was really excited to get to see Terry's family because his parents and grandfather live in California so we don't see them nearly enough, and it was nice to be able to visit them only 4 hours from our house.
We got down there for dinner Thursday night, and I immediately got thrown into meeting all of the new faces.  Terry's mom and dad were there, as well as his Grandpa, and then I got to meet 3 of Grandpas siblings; (pictured below): Aunt Hilda, Grandpa, Aunt Judy, and Uncle Andy.  After sitting talking with them for most of the evening, all I can say is that I hope to be as healthy and as awnry as they are when I get to be in my 80's.  The title of this post is from Aunt Judy at one point in the afternoon on her way to get coffee. It was nice seeing how close those siblings were too.  They all live in different parts of the country and yet they are so close with one another.
Friday we got to spend most of the afternoon and evening with Terry's parents.  It was really nice catching up and shopping for a mothers day gift, and driving through Branson and making fun of how ridiculous that town is!  How many showtune and country theaters can you seriously squeeze into a 2 mile strip in the middle of nowhere Missouri?!  And then while you're at it, put 2 outlet shopping centers, 5+ put-put golf courses, an exhibition of the Titanic, and tattoo parlors (really?!....I mean they should HAVE to know by now that the median age in that town is 75.) bunched in as well. There was one nicer part of the city in downtown called The Landing. There was a waterworks display, and boats on the river, and lots of shops. 

We stayed through Saturday afternoon visiting, and as always time went way too fast.  I really enjoyed getting to learn so much history of the family, so it was a great experience.  And as always, being with family always makes me happy.


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