The Weekend (5/7-5/9 2010)

It was a house-filled weekend we just had and we had a really enjoyable time.  Friday evening we started figuring out the flooring for the guest bath, and to do so, we went through all 12 boxes of 12x12 slate to find the right color scheme.  This took very nearly two hours, and was quite exhausting, seeing as each box weighs 30-40 lbs. and moving slate tiles is not a lightweight activity.  When we figured out our measurements, we decided we needed to lay out 30 tiles in a 6'x5' section.  We finally got the right design by about midnight, and then we cleaned and sealed them so we would be ready to go in the morning.

We got up pretty early for a Saturday to get started on everything.  Terry went and rented a tile saw and got the thinset mortar and tile spacers.  He figured out all the measurements, and we got right to it.  I'm completely honest with myself in that I wasn't an enormous asset to this project, but I certainly learned a lot, so hopefully I'll be more useful from here on out.  :-)

We moved them all one by one either out to be cut, and/or in to be laid. I didn't take any pictures during the process bc I didn't want to potentially ruin my camera, but here's the final lay out.

We purchased our new pedestal sink and toilet on Sunday, and he is going to install them this weekend, pending the pedestal comes in (it's not in stock but it is on it's way).  Tomorrow I think that we are priming and painting, as that shouldn't take too long to get done.  The color we are going with is a cross between gray, green, and khaki.  Doesn't help much, sorry.  I'll have pictures up of the finished product when it's, well, finished. 

The rest of the weekend was yardwork and painting trim and planting shrubs and laundry laundry laundry and packing for the cruise and Saturday Steak Night (yummm).  I love productive weekends.



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Did Terry stay in the tub until the tile set???

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