I'm back, and boyfriend's a year older

Hi all! 
So I'm back safe and sound.  Mom and I had a wonderful trip that I will fill you in on through the week.  More importantly though, Terry's birthday was yesterday!!  I should have figured that in wanting to get home as quickly as possible to see my birthday boy that there would be terrible delays and hold-ups to slow the process down.  I was supposed to get back to St Louis at 5:20pm.  Well, the flight didn't even leave Philadelphia until 5:45, so I ended up pulling into the driveway just before 8pm.  I felt bad that I was late, and I didn't stop and get a cake because I was in such a rush just to get home to him, but he didn't seem to mind and was just happy that I was back.  We ordered Chinese, watched the Lakers game, caught up with each others lives over the past 9 days, and crashed hard!  It was an exhausting day and I hit my pillow and was OUT!  I had a great trip, but I'm so happy to be home.  :-)

Pictures will be up soon and I'll tell you about all that we did.



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