Shelfari, I think that I like you a LOT

I am a reading machine here recently and I will be putting up my awkward and amateur reviews of the books I've read over the past few months, but in case you haven't heard of it, I am really enjoying Shelfari right now.  I've found that it's just a great way of keeping track of what I have read (yes, I know at 25, I should be able to remember all the books I have read, but some of them that I fly through in 5 days dont always stand out in my mind the way that books do that take me weeks to get through) and it gives recommendations of books I may like whether based on Author or Genre of writing.  Everytime I get on here, I tend to find myself looking through books that have just been reviewed by others, or books that are most popular reads, and I add them to my "plan to read" shelf. 

My planning to read shelf is getting a little heavy right now :-). It's also been a wonderful way of keeping tabs on books that I saw that I wanted to read, or heard about that sounded interesting, so that I dont forget about them. If you join it, make sure and friend me so I can look at what you've read and what you're reading.  More than anything, I'm just really liking reading right now and it's one more thing to keep me inspired and interested in what else is out there to dive into.


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