The nieces are growing up too fast!!!

After all the fiasco of Friday night, mom dropped me off just before midnight at Chris and Kristin's place.  We stayed up and chatted for a while, had a glass of wine, and then I crashed out.  It's tradition that Jenna and Maya come and jump on me in the morning, which is wonderful after 7-8 hours of sleep, it's a little chaotic after only 4 hours of sleep.  They crawled in and snuggled for a while (heaven).  I proceeded to fall asleep even while they were talking to me, I apparently was sleep-talking back to them.  At one point, Alexa said that there was a mosquito hawk trying to crawl in my mouth and she killed it for me. (Thanks Lex)  I was exhausted. 
When I finally really woke up, Jenna and I took off for good ol' Walmart so that I could buy an outfit for the day, seeing as all of my clothes were still at the airport in Philly.  She is such a girly girl, wanting to find a cute outfit for me to wear for the day to the play, and trying on sunglasses and jewelry.
We got back home and we headed off to see The Princess and the Pea.  It was a childrens theater and a lot of the girls were dressed up in princess outfits for the show.  It was a really cute set-up, and most of the actors were really great (the king was sub-par, hah)

We came back and got to spend some time out in the yard.  It was a beautiful afternoon, so the girls were all over the swingset, and chasing butterflys, and trying to find Saffron (their cat). 

Boys taking a little break :-)

Stop getting so big!!!!!!!!!

Too cute!

Gotta love those pig-tails!

I didn't get a single picture of Alexa during the trip.  She was out running around with her friends in the neighborhood while we were playing in the backyard.  She is almost as tall as me now it seems.  Time is just going by way too quickly!!

We had a lovely meal that Chris whipped up for us, and we relaxed and had a few glasses of wine.  It was a wonderful way to start a great vacation!



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