Almost Liveable in our Living Room!

I wish I could express my happiness over this a little more than what my writing on a blog can portray.  Seeing as we have had no walls up since the beginning of January in this room, I am SO happy that it's essentially all completed, other than painting the trim and hanging the vertical blinds over the back door.  As a reminder of what it looked like when we bought it, this picture was from when we originally toured the house with our realtor.  The walls were wood paneling, and over the breakfast eating area were spotlights. 

The first swap out was on the lights over the counter.  I never thought it would take so long to pick out light fixtures, but that took forever.  We are really happy with them though, they look beautiful lit up.  (Also, please dont judge that the TV is currently sitting on the Dining Room Table....we had to put it somewhere while we were working on the living room.  Also, you can get a sneek peek at the cabinets, but I'm not putting up a post about them until all of the doors are done...right now only the tops are completed.). :-)

Next, Terry hung all the drywall himself.  I helped where I could, but it is definitely a "man's job".  This wall was the worst part of the whole project because once he mudded and taped and sanded, I primed it, and the following morning there were hair-line cracks on every horizontal and vertical seam on the wall.  Instictively he thought he did something wrong, but the other wall directly across from it was completely fine.  He pulled the seams all apart and started again with mudding and taping and sanding, and the second time through it was fine.  He primed and painted the weekend that I was in Virginia, and then this past weekend, we used the new air-gun (is that the right word?) to nail in all the baseboards, door frames, and put the ceiling/wall trim back up. 

I didn't think I was going to like the air-vents when we were at the store, they just looked big and bulky, but once we installed them, I really liked that they were the same height as the baseboard.  It's the little things that make me happy, ha.  Also, I really like the color.  It's hard to tell in the pictures, truthfully it's actually hard to tell is some lighting times throughout the day, but it is a very light green.  In some times of the day it looks a light gray.  Either way, I'm happy! 

So now all that is left is filling all the holes where we nailed the trim to the wall, painting the trim, hanging the vertical blinds, putting the TV up over the fireplace, and moving in all the furniture, and we are GOOD!!!

Myly, Lindsey


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