Allow me to Introduce Groupon if you haven't yet met

For those of you in relatively large cities (sorry Delaware), I have a site that will soon become your little friend!! 

Groupon originally got started to showcase different restaurant and local stores in each city. What happens is that they have one daily deal that goes out to everyone signed up at super-low prices through group-buying, meaning that so many people have to buy it before the store or restaurant will agree to accept the groupon.  Group-Coupon....get it?!  I have never seen one not get accepted, as it typically only takes 30-50 people to want to purchase it before it is accepted.  Sometimes they have side-deals as well that tend to be more focused and usually a little more expensive, as in maybe not as many people may have a collective interest so the # of people it takes for that one to be accepted is lower.  (Funny side-note: the side deal today is a 60-minute massage for $30 at a salon called "Jon Tomas".  My british co-worker quickly pointed out that that is a slang term for male parts that is highly used in England, so I'm just putting it out there that I wonder if it's a side deal because many people may not want to get a massage at a place named as such. :-)  I have to say, I think I wouldn't)

So it is all great and nice and wonderful.....except that I'm buying up too many of them!!  Fridays are usually the worst because that's the day that they typically put up the restaurant deals, and I just start thinking about places for when people come in town to visit.  I got a $30 gift certficiate for Mama Campisi's, and Lorenzo's Trattoria  which are restaurants in the Italian part of St. Louis known as The Hill, for $10 each.  And I got $40 certificate for $12 to Clark Street Grill for a night before a baseball game.  So who's coming to visit?!!?!?

One last thing, if you see a groupon you want to buy, buy it through this link your first time(http://www.groupon.com/r/uu1382645), and then I get a $10 referral to use towards upcoming groupons :-) 



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