Things currently making me happy...

- I love you, yes it's true, you stole my heart, and I'm gonna steal yours too  (on an Amazon Kindle commercial, everytime it comes on I smile)
- Getting to see my family in a week
- Jeff calling last night to tell me that he showed one of his pictures of the Arch to his photography class and got incredibly positive feedback from his teacher and classmates
- The Guest Bathroom re-model this weekend
- I'm having a good hair day
- Keychange (Low Key's new CD)
- Searching around for seats to the Cardinals game for Mom's birthday....to be 8 rows directly behind home plate, or 1st row in the balcony?!
- The sun is out and the weather is beautiful; perfect day to do the 15 minute walk from where I park to my lab
- Thinking about that old lady's smile this morning when I waited to hold the door for her bc the handicap door opener button was out of service
- My Starbucks FREE grande vanilla latte, even though I still had one more punch left on my frequent buyer card
- Talking to my Australian first thing in the morning when it's past bedtime there
- Pandora sneaking in Paulo Nutini on one of my playlists.  Loves it!

Happy Friday! 


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