The East Coast Whirlwind Tour

It has been a few weeks since the last post, sorry for that, but I was on a non-stop visiting "vacation" from Jan 22nd-Feb1st. I flew home because the last few times I (or we) have flown to the east coast, it's been for 24hr visits to weddings or 3-day trip for graduation.

Knowing me, of course, I tried to squeeze as many people in as I could and have little to no free time while I was there. It was a wonderful trip but I am still exhausted, and I've been back already for 3 days. :-)

The nieces are growing like weeds. We got to go play in the snow the last weekend I was home because it dumped over 9 inches Saturday night. It's fun playing with kids in the snow... it makes you be a kid yourself for a while. This first picture was my favorite that I took of the day. Jenna and Baby Chloe.

Here's Miss Maya "Belly-whopping" down the hill.

Kim and Alexa in a snow fight.

Jenna....so happy to be out in the snow!
Gotta make snow angels after a snow storm!

Like I said.....it's fun to be a kid sometimes.

Until next time, MYLY


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