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Sorry that this post will not be fun nor entertaining. I'm just being yelled at that I'm not posting frequently enough and I am therefore being forgotten. So even if it a short blip and there may be no pictures, I will try to post something daily. I make no promises for the weekends though :-).

Last weekend was Superbowl. I actually do have some cute pics from Sunday but they are on my camera still. When I upload them I will add them to another post. We had a nice time, two couples that Terry work with came over to "watch". What really ended up happening is we sat around in the kitchen talking and stuffing our faces through the entire game. Bacon Herb Dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Pico de Gallo, fresh veggies, Tri-Tip that Terry smoked on the grill, Italian Pasta Salad. And then Dessert....icing topped brownies and New York Style Cheesecake. YUMMY!!!!

This weekend is Mardi Gras/Valentines Day. We are planning to go down to Soulard, which is a Suburb of St. Louis. We've been down there a few times, went for Oktoberfest while Emily was in town, and on New Years when Braga was in town. This Mardi Gras is supposed to be the largest celebration in the Midwest, so hopefully it's a good time. We're going to watch the parade at a place called the Broadway Oyster Bar , which is very New Orleans Cajun themed. Then we are going down into the craziness of Soulard afterwards. Here's the link for the celebrations. Mardi Gras Celebration in Soulard

Sunday we are not doing anything special. I have been spoiled over the past few Valentines, so this year our Valentines to each other are the stainless steel appliances for the kitchen. :-)

Hope that everyone has a great weekend. I'll put up pictures of Mardi Gras next week.



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so where are the Mardi Gra pix? Or even better house update pix.

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