...For me

I feel as though I need to apologize for not writing on here in a long time...but I'm not. Like this whole blog is titled, I'm in a constant state of improvement. I kind of got sucked into the mind-set of "no one is reading this blog so why waste my time." It was really selfish, but I just got into a pessimistic view of why should I waste my time. In reality, it doesn't matter if all that I'm doing is writing this for myself and no one reads it; the point is that it makes me express myself and get my emotions out there. This past weekend helped me put a lot of my life back in perspective, made me remember the truly important things; friends, family, smiling, and laughing. Laughing til you think your gut is going to burst. Smiling so much you break out in tears. Realizing that losing touch with friends is a horrible tragedy. Being reminded with the smallest of details that so many of my friends have become my family. I'm in a really happy place right now that I haven't been in for a really long time. I need to start assessing this and figure out how to turn my life into this happiness all the time.


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