St Louis Cardinals win the World Series!!!

I interrupt this Napa vacation recap simply to say: THE CARDINALS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!  Mind you, I still would not call myself a devout Cardinals Fan, but living here in St Louis for the past 2+ years gives me a little bit of an alliance for them.  I was sick as a dog for game 6, but had gone to the Dr, was on my meds, so Strep throat and a Sinus Infection both couldn't hold me back from going downtown for game 7 in the city I live in!! 
our sunset drive in
There was no way we were going to even try to find tickets, let alone pay the outlandish costs, so we opted for the next best thing (in our opinion), which was to go to the newest bar in town called 360, and get a view of the game and the fun from there.
Not a bad way to spend the evening

Terry did great with the zoom-in shots
The Blimp :-)
It's St Louis....of course they are going to have a crazy amount of task force to attempt to contain the crowds. And pandamonium it was.  Pure chaos.  Women crying.  Men with their shirts off squealing like children.  Children dancing on the hoods of cars.  People running through the cars on the streets, which were dead stop because nothing was moving downtown.  Mind you I felt pretty crappy as it was going down, and I certainly felt like I possibly made a bad decision when it was still 1:30am and I was just trying to get the car out of the city.  It took one hour to get out of the parking garage, and around 3 blocks to the Bridge.  A mess I tell you!!
But SO Worth it!!  It was an amazing experience, especially to have in our (current) home town.  Go Cards!


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