Vacation Begins: Charlotte, NC

Vacation has finally begun and I actually have a minute to pay attention to the much neglected blog. (yes, laugh it up that I'm posting, but I do actually enjoy writing these and capturing the moments, but life right now is not giving me the time...but vacation does!)
I'm awake early because we're on the west coast now so my time zones are all screwed up. We're outside of San Francisco after our amazing weekend in Charlotte with Rob and Kathy and soon to start getting ready to start our fun day in Sonoma.  
Thought I'd just share a few fun pics from Charlotte though.  We went to visit Rob and Kathy because they will be leaving soon for Australia (Next vacation destination......YES PLEASE!!)  They have been in Charlotte for the past 2 years, so we wanted to get down there before they left.  It was amazing, per the usual with them.  Made us both realize how much we miss them, seeing as when we were living in Maryland, we were with them every Saturday for Steak Night (they are the original inventors of the Saturday Steak Night routine).
view from their condo.....amazing


 Their other dog Reese (we call him Rashad though) so stinkin' cute

view from our guest room of the gorgeous sunset

Saturday Steak Night in a Wine Cellar downtown.  They spoil us.  Always so much fun!


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