Oh My, July!

I feel rusty in drafting a new post.  Its more of just having no idea where to start. To stay in chronological order of events?  To post about our move and the new house and all the updates of our old home? To just vent for a minute about my job opportunities (or lack thereof)?  Don't get me wrong though, choosing how to get back in the groove of blogging is not even close to how overwhelming this past month has been. 
So here's a few photos.  I'll explain them (hopefully) individually soon.  For the record, thank you to the few who have noticed the blogs absence and are calling for updates.  I've been off the radar, just in doing my best to keep my head above water.  We're creeping towards being back at the shallow end of the pool though, so communication will commence shortly. 


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whew! was concerned you weren't writing in Texas. Yea! She's back

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