Vacation Part II: Visiting the Family at Grampa's house

Grampa lives just outside of Los Angeles in a town called Oxnard.  It was a very scenic drive up along the coastline from San Diego to get to his house, and it's always so wonderful getting to spend time with family.
With the seafood that we picked up in most amazing market ever in Santa Monica, we put together a homemade dinner for them that A) mom didn't have to cook and that B)we could have more time to spend together.  
While the fish and shrimp were marinating, we all spent time in the backyard.  Grampa crushed cans.

 While I admired all of this flowers.
 And fruits.

And then I admittedly went a little crazy with the tree trimmers on the lemon tree.  There were some lemons that looked more like grapefruit in size.  It was also just fun to slice them down out of the tree.  I cut two dozen. 

This was photo op number three.  I think I finally figured out who Terry got his "scowl" face from.  Its remarkable especially when the scowl is side by side.  ;-)

Always so happy to see Mom!  

We spent a good bit of the evening together, and then we came back in the morning to have breakfast together (which reminds me Mom that I still need to get that quiche or egg bake recipe from you...so good!).  Aww man and now I'm not going to be able to get that Cinnamon Bread Loaf out of my head.  Stomachs growling now.  Go figure.

It was a quick trip with the family, but it seems more often than not that's how it goes these days unless you're coming here to visit in Dallas.  Speaking offfffff..... Who's coming to visit us in Dallas?!?!  Anyone??!!?

Up next: Vegas
Up after that: it wouldn't be a vacation without a post about all the food and wine ;-)


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Had no idea you got all those pix of the flowers. Wish the naked ladies had bloomed for you. Thank you for sharing them with all your friends and family. Uhh...did you miss a pix.

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Miss a pic in reference to what?

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