It's Electric! Boogie woogie, woogie!

Sorry for the slack in writing, but I promise you I have a legit excuse! My brother, Jeff, was in town from Friday morning through Monday evening helping us with all of the electrical in the house. We got a lot accomplished in the house during the trip, and I also got to see a few places in St. Louis that I've never been before.

He got in with a smooth flight Friday, which I was concerned about because we just had the snow storm come through. We had originally talked about going up the Arch when he got here, but it was still overcast so we decided just to go straight to the house. It took us a good majority of Friday to just get our list together of what we were needing as far as supplies from Lowes. Terry had to go to work Friday, but met us at Lowes after work, and in doing so, he added recessed lights for the kitchen to the list. We worked a little friday night, but wanted to get a good nights rest for Saturday.

While Jeff and I worked on the light switches and receptacles, Terry worked on deciding where he wanted the holes in the kitchen ceiling for the recessed lights. I love my boyfriend, but there are times that he is a peculiar being. It took over 4 hours to decide where 6 recessed lights were going to be placed, and that's not including all the time in the past weeks leading up to the install of deciding where their placement would be. He tacked up strings, he thought....re-thought, climbed up and down in the attic easily 10 times. Finally, they started cutting holes.

Once all the holes were cut, we had to take that hideous chandelier down, which instantly made the room look larger.

Then Jeff had to go up and install the recessed lighting boxes and do all the wiring. Finished product is a full days work, but it looks SO good! The amount of light they put out is perfect and it looks very updated.

We spent half a day Sunday continuing on with all of the outlets and light switches, and spent the second half of the day in downtown St. Louis. On Monday we did the same thing, worked on the house in the morning and then the afternoon up until Jeff's flight back to Delaware doing the sightseeing fun. We are so happy with everything that got completed. I certainly feel a lot safer knowing that everything is grounded now. Look for a post tomorrow on our fun sight-seeing from the weekend.



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