"That Arch is F^#!&*ing Huge!"~ Jeff

During Jeff's trip out here, we spent a little time in the city. Terry made the suggestion on Sunday that we should all go downtown and do a little sight-seeing. Jeff and I were still in work-mode but we pulled ourselves away from it and raced to get ready so we could see the sunset. Jeff got so many better pictures than I did, but here is a glimpse. This first one was walking in from the parking deck through the trees.

In the next picture, just to give some perspective, the round building in the center of the arch is 28 stories tall. I didn't know this fact until we went into the gift shop, but the Arch is taller than the Seattle Needle, the Washington Monument, and the Statue of Liberty. Another interesting little fact, and it's an optical illusion because you wouldn't think it just by looking at it, but the Arch is as tall as it is wide. It's 630ft from the ground to the top, and it's 630ft from one base to the other.

This was as we were about to go in to go to the top. It's WAY up there!!!

Us at the top of the Arch.

The Mississippi River has all kinds of floating ice from up north coming down to us. The picture doesn't show it well, but some of those pieces are huge! It was really pretty from the top.

At dusk after we were leaving the Arch. Always love how the sky changes color in the evening.

After the Arch, we drove around and saw the Rams Stadium, the Cardinals Stadium, we drove by where I work and we drove by the Cathedral Basilica (my next post will be pictures from here). We went down Lindell Blvd. which is where are the enormous homes are, and ended up coming around to have dinner in The Hill, which is like Little Italy in NYC. It's a small area just south of Forest Park that is the Italian Mecca of St. Louis. We ate at a Restaurant called Gian-Tony's which was out of this world. Of our three meals, Terry's won by a landslide, but they were all fantastic. Terry got the Pollo Spedini; a breaded & rolled chicken breast, stuffed with broccoli & provel cheese, served in a peppercorn cream sauce with broccoli.

We came home, bellies stuffed, worked a little longer on the house, and had a great nights rest. St. Louis treated us very well!


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