Family is a Wonderful Thing

I could put together 4 or 5 posts about the family over the past week while I was back in Delaware visiting, but I thought it'd be easier to consolidate and smash it all into one post....with a WHOLE LOT of pictures! 

As my flights got all messed up, I got to go to Delaware a few days early.  I stayed at Jeff and Kim's house Tuesday and Wednesday, and I got some much needed Chloe time.  We started off Wednesday morning with some Coffee (and hot cocoa) and movies, then went for a walk on Brecknock Parks Trails that were covered in snow.



I made it down to Chris and Kristins Thursday night and had a blast with the nieces.  Maya is a hair styling pro, and Jenna is an expert make-up artist.  Here they were working their magic.

Jenna laughing at me for something, who knows.  :-)

Chloe wanted in on the hair styling.  Too Cute!!

Alexa and her braces

White Sunday down in Lewes at our favorite coffee shop (love this picture of us)

Chloe making a go at doing my hair.  She was great with the clips! :-)

Jenna taking a picture of Chris and me by the fire. 

Hundreds of other pictures were taken but these were just some of the highlights.  I always love going home and being with the family.  Fills the soul for sure.


Scientific Housewife said... Add Reply

Looks like you had fun!

Anonymous said... Add Reply

Your are the super aunt!! My favorite pix was the hair and makeup artists.

Susan said... Add Reply

Ahhhhh......White Sunday,Black Friday. Always a good time when I'm with "my girls".

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