Backsplash Started!!

I had to work all day Saturday, but Terry was wonderful with his time while I was away and decided to put up the backsplash in the kitchen.

We talked about our design dilemma a while back, and finally decided on which style we liked most. The sheets of tile had been sitting in the garage for a few months now, but we just haven't aliquoted the time to it. We are both SO happy with the results!

The Before Shots:

A few of the During Shots:

How it sits currently (notice Terry's installation of the undercabinet lighting....more to come on that in a few posts from now).  We Love It!!  We still have to cut tile to fit in around the outlets and receptacles and around the window ledge, and then grout or course, but this is easily 75% done!

What do you think??


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I like it, it looks really nice!

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