The planned trip that didnt start off as planned

I'm in the middle of my winter vacation back to visit the family in Delaware and have a little downtime so I thought I'd add a little update. 

My flight originally was intended for Tuesday into D.C. to spend a day with Allison and then an evening with Emily, however the crazy winter storm on the east coast had other intentions for me.  After making 15 different plans in preparation of diversions or delays or worst case scenarios, many of my east coast friends and family were involved, so thanks everyone for being on standby.  While in the airport waiting for my flight, the overhead announcement came on that my flight was cancelled from St Louis into my connection in Chicago, so all plans and preparation went out the window.  I was able to get re-routed with a direct flight into Baltimore, so I took it and crossed my fingers for no more delays or cancellations.  All worked out fine, my Mom drove over to get me, and other than not being able to see the road driving back through the snow and sleet, we got to Delaware in one piece. 

Although it was incredibly disappointing not getting to see friends, I got a full unanticipated day with Jeff, Kim, and Chloe that was amazing.  Mom and I still went over for a day to DC and toured the US Capitol Building and got to see Julia Child's Kitchen in the American History Museum. After DC, Mom dropped me off to Chris, Kristin, Alexa, Jenna, and Maya, and it has been full-throttle Aunt Lindsey time ever since. Friday I went down for lunch with Megan while the girls were in school, which was wonderful.  She is truly one of those friends that you can go so much time apart and when we finally get together, it's like we didn't miss a minute.  Its been non-stop Aunt Lindsey time all day today, and Jeff Kim and Chloe have been down which has been so nice.  Many MANY pictures to come in the next few days....or maybe once I get back to St Louis Tuesday. 

Soul-filling back in process now.  :-)


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