Canada (Part III)

As seen from Part I and Part II, this trip was quite remarkable. Our last days were spent Capital touring.  We saw the Government house in Halifax during our time in Nova Scotia, so we decided to drive to New Brunswicks Capital, Fredericton, on the drive back to the States.  The Governors Mansion was beautiful, and interestingly enough, we had quite the run-in during our visit.  We raced there to go through a house tour, and when we arrived, we were told that there were no tours on Sundays (Daggers!!!).  While we were walking the grounds however, the Lieutenant Governor (Canadian Version of our State Governor; he is the person who resides in this house during his term in office) returned home from his weekend trip. 

He came out and talked to us for a while and was so kind.  When he introduced himself, I immediately stuck out my hand to shake hands, but I really don't know if that's their custom or not.  Any history or government-lover friends, look that up and get back to me.  (Can't change it at this point, ha, but it could at least relieve some stress that I might have unintentionally offended him)

We got a recommendation for lunch that was a 15 minute walk from the Mansion, called The Lunar Rouge, which turned out being delicious, but also was a neat spot because it's a world ranked Whiskey Pub.  Today's tidbit of useless information. :-)

We set off from there to get back to our homeland.  On the way, we stopped and saw our last chance for a lighthouse.  Nothing spectacular, but it was a pretty drive out to it. 

Getting across border-patrol had me a little nervous again, but it was even easier than crossing over into Canada.  The patrol-woman didnt even ask to look in the car.  She checked our passports and then told us "Welcome back and enjoy the rest of your day".  Crazy.
We stayed the night in Bangor, Maine and woke up the next morning to go see Maine's Capital, Augusta.  Their Capital building was interesting, especially because they were in session while we were walking around, so we got to see lobbyists and hear the bells ringing and see their Senate in session.  For being as apolitical and ignorant as I am about government, it was fascinating to witness.

We drove from Augusta down to the 18 miles of New Hampshire coastline they proudly boast about. Embarrasingly enough, I never knew that New Hampshire even have shoreline.  It was very rocky, but the mansions along the drive and the yachts and sailboats were gorgeous (and made me green with envy).

My flight was delayed and I would have missed my connection, so I booked a different flight leaving out 3 hours later than planned.  Mom and I took advantage of the gain in time and drove up to New Hampshire's Capital, Concord.  Their Capital Building was amazing.  So much history there, and so many people proud of their history and wanting to tell you all about it. 

What an amazing jam-packed, fun-filled trip.  Great memories on this trip for sure.  Already wondering where next years Mom's birthday adventure will be.  Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


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