Canada (Part II)

Picking up where I left off yesterday, this only moves us ahead a day, but the scenery is well worth it's own post. We left from Truro and headed to Cape Breton Island, which is the northernmost part of Nova Scotia. We went and saw Sydney, along with going to Baddeck to see Alexander Graham Bell's Museum in the morning, but the highlight of the trip (for me anyway) was our 5 hours on the Cabot Trail.  It is compared to California's Highway 1 along the coast, and I also thought it was in many ways like The Road to Hana on Maui. Either way, I would recommend it to any and everyone.  A photographers dream.

The start; blue skies, water, bright green trees, open road

20 minutes in, up the mountainside a bit with the afternoon fog rolling in (it felt like an afternoon in San Francisco)

30 minutes down the road, back to the coastline again and out to a beach (Ingonish Beach)

so scenic, had the feel and smell of a fishery town

I take a slap on the wrist on this next part in that I didn't want to stop, and Mom pulled in anyway.  She totally made the right choice!

We should have been a little more nervous getting over on top of the rocks to look out on the ocean considering the walkway got ripped out, but we were daredevils (hard to see, but Mom is semi-camoflauged in the rocks on her way over for the view)

We left the beach, and within a half hour, the mountains started to engulf us.  You can barely see the mountain peaks below as they almost blend in to the sky.

All the signs at this point (which happens to be the northernmost point on Cape Breton Island as well as the most Northern I've ever been in the world) said it was a perfect place for whale watching, but we didn't see any in the little time we stopped there to view.

We got the sun back along the western side of the island on the drive back to mainland, and had dinner while watching the sunset.  Funny fact, the sun didn't fully set until almost 9:30pm every night.

  My favorite shot from the trip, just south of Cheticamp

Only one day left to tell you about, and lets just leave it at Mom got her fill of Capitals. 


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