My First Summer Read

I've got an awesome best friend.  Allison just mailed me my next book, Room, and I can't wait to start it!!  The little monster came along for the trip to St Louis so the book didn't have to travel alone.  (That's not a true story, but I like to think it is.)

I haven't really figured out yet when I'm going to find time to read it between Microbiology this summer along with adding on 4 new summer students to my lab for the next 9 weeks, but I'll find a way.  From everything that she said about the book, I want to start it right this minute!!

Anyone else read it yet?  Thoughts?


calmom said... Add Reply

I haven't read it, but just reading the jacket cover from the Shelfari. It sounds like one I want to read

Scientific Housewife said... Add Reply

I just finished reading it for a book club and it was really good... slow at first, but it definitely picks up :)

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