The Bathroom's closed in, primed and grouted!

The bathroom is very quickly inching in towards completion.  Terry was even so bold as to say that it would be functional by our anniversary (next weekend).  

My typical perch of pictures is gone for good now.  Where I had been standing in this doorway (which is on our hallway that previously was the door to our hall closet).....

...to take full view of the bathroom shots and progress...

...is now closed up, taped, mudded, sanded, and primed!! (This view is now from standing in the entrance to the bathroom from our master bedroom)

Our current view of the hallway

Once the drywall is up in the hall.....man that is going to be a long hall wall to fill with art!

Other work recently completed: Grout is in.  (Don't worry, it is in desperate need of still being scrubbed down and sealed.  Lots of dirt and wash still needing to get rid of)

I've gotten a few complaints of not being able to keep track of where the angles are coming from in pics and a bit of difficulty with layout, so I will for now still refer you to Our House Plan, and the bathroom currently being worked on is the only bathroom that has a closet (what used to be the hall closet) attached to it.  Please note, as of now, that hasn't been updated since April.....oops?  Suppose I have a new thing to add to my to-do list.  Wow, even for me just looking at this right now, it's amazing how much has changed since then!

So the last kick to the finish consists of:
Installing the Vanity
Purchasing/Installing the Sinks (we are about 99% sold on these vessel sinks)
Purchasing/Installing the Faucets (we are about 99% sold on these faucets)
Installing the Toilet
Installing the Shower Head / Handle
Terry building the built-in....but that's not pertinent for the bathroom to be functional so I imagine that's still going to be a while.

GAHHHH, so close!!


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