Hot Air Balloon Festival

This past weekend was St Louis' annual Hot Air Balloon event and Race.  I've been wanting to go the past two years but shocking as it may seem, Terry had positively no interest in attending.  This year though, luckily, Sarah's mom has been in from the UK and they were both itching to get out and do something, so they came downtown Friday evening for the Balloon Glow.  They have a large open field set up with 30 hot air balloons and they are all blown up but kept grounded through the evening, where the crowds can walk around amongst them.

Probably my favorite shot of the night

It very much felt like a fair with the swarms of people and the cotton candy/gyro/funnel cake/brats stands everywhere.  Not to mention it was hilarious being there with 2 Brits, one of which had never heard of Funnel Cake before, but devoured almost every bite like it was this ingenious creation.  All the balloons together though and being able to walk around in the middle of them all was absolutely beautiful.


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That is so awesome, we get hot air balloons flying over our house almost every morning but to see a bunch of them is cool!

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