Wedding Photo Weekend, and 10 years ago

I'm not a wordsmith, so bare with me as I jump around a bit through this post, but meaningful in the end.

What a weekend!  Friday, I left work a little early to head up to Chicago for the weekend to help assist Jordan with a wedding shoot.  I got up there around dinner time and we met up with our friend Mike for a few drinks.  I've been missing my friends quite a lot here recently, so it was very soul-filling so-to-speak.  We had a very relaxed night and went to bed early to prep for the fun mayhem to come.

Saturday started with Breakfast at Toast right near her house and it was the perfect way to start the day! Little did I know that it was nothing in comparison to the amazing day ahead.  We met the bride at her downtown hotel and beauty billowed from every inch of her.  From the formal Chinese Tea Ceremony, to the Trolley ride with the bridal party all around town for Chicago Themed photo ops, to consistently noticing the smallest of details that were so intricately crafted for their special day, it was so overwhelmingly abundant how much love we were being surrounded by.  That kind of love that you can just tell destiny played its part.  It made my little role for the day so easy; effortless almost but in a burnt to a crisp, dog-tired, yet still smiling ear-to-ear kind of way.
Photo from Jordan Quinn Photography

Billy picked us up after the shoot and took us to his house where he had tacos for late night dinner waiting for us. (We've got such good boyfriends) We instantly devoured them. Apparently I hold tacos like a Raptor. Good times. We reflected on our favorite parts of the day, watched a little TV, then promptly headed home for bed.

I woke up Sunday morning on Jo's couch still in a photo haze.  It was one of those sleeps where I crashed out in complete exhaustion, slept for only 6 hours, but woke feeling rejuvenated, both in my mind and my body.  Words can't really express how much I needed to spend Saturday with her.  I knew I was missing my friends, but not to the extent that I felt once I was back with them. The Midwest and it's closed off circles of friends is finally making me crack.

It was still rather early, so I came out of my sleep coma slowly, eventually turning on the TV.  It was 7:46 in Chicago.  The only sound coming through was a bell tolling, and the image was of the American Flag, followed by Ground Zero. A headline came across the screen; A moment of Silence: 8:46EST- Flight 11 crashes into World Trade Center's North Tower 1. I instantly thought back to where I was 10 years ago; Driving to school and about to go to my Photography class my Senior year.

I started weeping, the big "Ugly Cry" kind of way.  I flashed back to a moment in the middle of the photo shoot the day before where I had warned Jo that I would try my best not to break down in tears during their ceremony. She had giggled at me and said, "You're so silly; you don't even know these people".  I thought about that and it helped me pull myself together on her couch as the tears were streaming down my face, unable to rip my eyes from the TV screen. (Lord knows she didn't need to be dealing with her blubbering friend on the sofa first thing on a Sunday morning :-).)  But I just couldn't help it.  I couldn't separate the raw sadness in the peoples faces coming through the screen from the sadness it created in me.  Much the same way the day before; I couldn't separate the raw happiness I was engulfed in throughout that wedding from the happiness it created in me. I suppose it's not really who it's about or how much or little you know of them, it's moreso what emotions it sparks within you. 

Jo got up a few hours later and we had a far too brief but always happy morning, then goodbyes and I was back on the road again toward home; towards Terry.  I couldn't wait to be with him, just to tell him how fortunate I am to be his; he to be mine.  Weddings always do that to me.  Yesterday 9/11 did too. I hate to think that it's only in times like 9/11 that make people stop to truly appreciate their lives and take a moment to not take things for-granted.  I try as often as I can to be thankful for who I have in my life, and make sure they know how much they mean. So if I call too often, it's just that I miss you and want to hear your voice.  If I text too often, it's just because you're on my mind.  If I tell you I Love You and you're not "an I Love You kind of person", that's ok so long as you understand what you mean to me and in my life.  I think everyone needs that from time to time.

I came across a great quote from a JMU Alum that sums everything up well, ""If there is a legacy that we as a nation should cherish from the tragedy of September 11, it is this: What separates us should always be secondary to what unites us."  I think this very much goes for life too; always find a way to stay connected, stay bonded, stay close. I'm certainly giving it my all.


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You are soooo right :-) I love you and your boyfriend.

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