Delaware, also known as "don't stop 'til you drop"

I was in Delaware from Thursday May 31st until Sunday June 3rd.  It was a whirlwind, even more than usual.  Just non-stop.  But it was great seeing everyone and feeling like I really got in quality time instead of the typical rat race and 1 hour stop-ins.
Thursday Lunch with my Grandmother.  We ordered a strawberry shortcake to split for the dessert; the strawberries for her and the shortcake for me :-)
I had a little time free Thursday afternoon so I stopped in to my sis-in-laws job to see her new swanky office.  Then we drove down to Maya's horse-riding lessons. Was a big surprise!  Also did the big surprise to Alexa and Jenna when I stopped in to their house on the way to the beach.  Alexa, your face was priceless!
I stayed the night at Megan and Jasons.  It's so nice having one of those longtime friends that you don't see for a while but it feels like you didn't miss a day. She's such an amazing friend. Of course we stayed up way to late and talked way too much and it was freaking glorious!

The next day was Aunt Lindsey and Chloe day.  It took a little time for her to get comfortable with me around, and who can blame her when she hasn't seen me in almost 6 months.  Once I mentioned going and playing at the park though, whoa she was ALL ABOUT Aunt Lindsey! We played forever, and I got elbow burns from using them as my brakes going down some of the slides to prove it (OUCH!).  Don't worry though, Chloe bandaged up my "Boo-Boo's" with Dora Bandaids.  We went shopping (at Wawa), we rented a movie (Barbie Mermaid), made lunch together (Grilled Cheese...YUM), we made art (she colored bookmarkers for me), and had such a blast together! Was such a fun day! I miss all my girls!!
 I headed out from Chloe day to go cheer on Kristen in her State Championship Soccer Game.  This picture is not fuzzy below....it was just pouring down rain.  We were scared the majority of the game that it was going to get postponed, which would have been horrible considering her graduation was the next day and we were leaving for the Bahamas on Monday.  The weather cooperated, but unfortunately they didn't win the championship.  It was 2-1 in double overtime.  Kristen had a great game!  (Number 22 below)

The next morning we woke up bright and early for Kristens High School Graduation!!!
The proud parents.  Notice Tims tie is a picture of Kristen in her soccer gear from many years back.  Loved it!
She's officially a graduate!!

After graduation, I hung out with my nieces for a while carting them around to their different birthday and going away parties for their friends, then Jenna and I got Rita's Water Ice and came back to jam out to some Wii party games for a while. 
I went and met up with my Mom for her Birthday that evening.  We went to a really nice restaurant called Abbotts Grill and had a really nice dinner together.  My mom makes 64 looks good!
The rest of the time in Delaware was with the crew in Lincoln.  Lots of time with Alexa, Jenna, and Maya with the Wii and board games and swimming in the pool and just being crazy together.  The time is never long enough it seems!
Maya had my phone for an hour or so in the afternoon an was up in her room taking videos of herself dancing.  They were absolutely hilarious.  If I could figure out how to upload them on here I would.  There were a few dance moves that need to be on So You Think You Can Dance!! :-)
I'll probably not be back in Delaware until new baby niece is here! Oh, maybe I haven't mentioned that on here yet; Jeff and Kim are pregnant with baby girl #2 due mid October!  Niece Count: 5 Nephew Count: 0  How about those odds!!! So excited!


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