I finally have a free minute, so lets catch up

Ever since I've returned from vacation, life has been "non-stop go go go hustle lets move" to get the house completed and in a show-worthy status. That's a lie; I did finally stop yesterday, but our home computer I think has a virus as it takes an hour to boot up.  So no posting for almost three weeks.  Whoa!

Short winded:  Going to Delaware was chaotic.  Wonderful to see so many people during the trip, but it was just go go go get to the next person rush rush sleep go go go.  The cruise was amazing.  So relaxing.  We had no plans the entire trip and it was perfect to just unwind.  I needed it.  My anxiety levels thanked me.  Getting back to Terry was/is always exciting (distance makes the heart love deeper), and then we worked on the house for 10 hours two days in a row.  Then we worked on the house every night after work until it was time for bed.  All the rushing with the house is that we finally listed it for sale on Saturday.  Sunday we pretty much played Wii Bowling and reveled in having no house chores.  GLORIOUS!

Will elaborate in future posts about previous paragraphs highlights.  For now, just finally able to get back on here.


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