Our House is officially listed for sale!!

I can't really explain how bittersweet it is.  I want to sell, and I hope that it goes quickly and smoothly.  Then the other side of me is not wanting to see it go. So much of our lives put into that house over the last 3 years.

If you're interested in seeing all the pictures, here's the link from Zillow:

I'll be posting professional photos that my friend Lara came and took for us in a few days. They turned out so beautifully. 


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We bought the house from you guys. Thanks for the great finishes. We and our 5 kiddos love it. It's an easy layout. We mad some changes to make it better suit us and after the plumbing catastrophe and having the attic insulated, it's been smooth sailing. I fell in love with the kitchen in the pictures online and told my husband that he basically didn't have a choice. This house was "it" for me. He gave in pretty easily! Hope you guys are doing well and congrats on your upcoming wedding. I was just googling our address because the google earth car drove down the street a while back and I wanted to see if the house was on there as we now have it. I happened upon your blog instead! Crazy! Good luck to the two of you.

Jake, Amanda ....Austin, Emily, Elizabeth, Kendra, Nathan and Bruiser the chihuahua who loves his big yard.

I can't seem to go back in my typing on my phone so I apologize for any typos!

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I hope that you get this! Your comment caught me so off guard yesterday at work that I started bawling!! I'm so happy that you stumbled upon my old blog. And I'm so happy that the house has a big family to love it now.
I'd love to know all the changes that you made to the house to make it your home! There were so many things we wished we could have done before we were relocated. Also, I hate to even ask, but what plumbing catastrophe happened? I hope it was something inevitable and not something on account of the work we did :-/
I hope you get a chance to look through the Home Improvements part of this blog. I'm sure it will be funny to see the way we bought the house to the way we left it for you. We loved (still love) that house so much and I hope it is as good to you as it was for us.

Take care, and thank you for the well wishes for the wedding....it's SO SOON!!


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