It's A Beautiful Daaaaaaaaaaaaay

U2 style.

They were here this past weekend and I'm so happy we got tickets.  We went downtown early in the afternoon on Saturday to watch the World Cup Finals (sidenote: So disappointing, but also happy for Japan), and then headed towards the Stadium.  I've never been to a concert in a baseball stadium before, and the general admission tickets were on the field.  I intended to go run the bases, but by the time we got in for the concert, it was jam packed on that side of the field, so no go.  We stood in right field though (Emily...pretty much right in front of where we were sitting when we snuck in went to see the Cardinal/Dodgers Playoffs in 2009. 

So back to U2....what amazing performers. It was a wild experience, that's for sure.  I think my favorite part of the entire concert though was the intro piece leading into It's a Beautiful Day.  The screens came on with Mark Kelly floating around in Endeavor and he floated out the words of "It's A Beautiful Day" in front of him, then he said, "I'm looking forward to coming home. Tell my wife I Love her very much....she knows"  Gah, still chokes me up a bit. 

Love this pic of The Edge

Great Concert.  Great Performers.  Great Company. 
Last I heard, there were 53,000 people in attendance.

Bono came and sang just to me ;-)

Definitely a "you'll remember this concert forever" kinda night.  


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