We Are Family...(Get Up Everybody and SING!)

Awww man, now that songs gonna be stuck in my head all day.  Visiting with the family is always the best!  What's not the best though is how big all the girls get everytime I see them.  Always miss them!

Chloe and Daddy

Over to visit Mom-mom....notice she is up on her tip-toes.  Ha
Jenna and I are rockstars

Alexa is inches from being the same height as me...crazy!

They were so good

Terry and Maya at bedtime drooling over Justin Bieber

4th of July at the beach

Beautiful picture of Alexa

...and miss Maya

Maya wanted to go for a walk with Terry.  Be still my heart!

 Jenna and Uncle Jeff's amazing Sand Castle (that she later pulverized in during a temper tantrum)

Little Maya-Mermaid
Goodbyes are hard

Always good being with family.  Can't wait til the next trip back!


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