PA School....I'm applying!

Sorry that the posts have been so brief and/or infrequent the past few weeks.  I've been up to no good some things involving PA School.  A month or so back,  I went and took the GRE, which is a Graduate Level Exam to get into advanced schooling.  I didn't have to take this before taking my Masters at Hopkins because it wasn't one of their requirements, but there are a few PA schools that mandate it, so I just got it out of the way.  I got the scores back last week, and I actually did very well, so ever since I have been gung-ho with researching PA schools concerning location, cost, timeline, and prerequisites. 

What I'm trying to say is, SUPER SORRY for being such a snooze on here the past few weeks. Hope you few out there haven't forgotten about me :-)

Keep your fingers crossed for me as I keep chugging along through this ever-tedious process of applications!


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Where are you looking?

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It's ok if you slow down sometimes. Shoot I can't even get around to them for a long time. Ann and I wondered how you work it in at all with all the remodel, travel, and school.

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