Master Bathroom's Got Walls

As I realized I keep talking about the bathroom, I then realized that it's been a while since I made a post about the bathroom....4 MONTHS to be exact.  What?!?  To be  completely fair to Terry on this, I had no idea that this has been a 4 month venture.  Certainly doesn't feel like it, but it's documented so it must be true.

Of the few pictures I uploaded while at work, I can give you a sort-of-what-we've-been-up-to in relation to the bathroom up to this point (and it's an exciting point, let me tell ya!! We're one sand-and-spackle-and-sand away from PAINTING & TILING!)

We finally decided on our bathroom vanity but it was WAY too big for the space, so we had to cut it in half.  With Terry at 6'3", you can see how much countertop space we are gaining. 

I'm awed/embarrassed amazed that we actually lived with that previous vanity for as long as we did. What were we thinking buying this house?!?! What were those previous owners THINKING?!?!?!  And the fact that the vanity in the hall bath that we are still currently using during this demo is the same color scheme gives me a belly ache laugh.  

On to the actual bathroom.  So this is where I am typically standing during all of the bathroom pictures as it gives the best view and reference.  But so it's easier to understand, that door is going to be gone soon and replaced with a wall.  That door was previously used for the hallway closet, but we expanded the bathroom for more of a Master Bath feel.  The shower is behind me, the entrance to our bedroom is to the left, and the vanity and toilet will be to the right.  This wall gets so little picture time that I just thought I'd do a bit of explaining. :-)

Here's where we were as of  June.  The walls have been put up, the durock is on the floor and in the shower and eagerly waiting to be tiled once all the seams and holes have been puttied and sanded.
This picture in particular is of interest because up to this point, we couldn't figure out what to do with the space behind the shower head.  We opened up that wall and realized there was quite a bit of dead space, but not enough for a full closet.  Terry, with his creativity and OCD spent far too many agonizing hair-pulling hard-scheming hours decided how best to use the space, while still being able to allow access to the shower in the event we need to turn it off. 

What he came up with was a removable wooden cubby inset.  It will be able to be pulled out if necessary, but it will provide us with storage space that we have lost with having an open vanity bottom.  We are talking now about incorporating some slate into it so it is more cohesive with the shower and floor.

Oh, I suppose it was kind of easy to tell from the previous picture, but last weekend we did our first round of mud (spackle).  We need to sand it down smooth, do the mud and sand process all over again, and then knowing my perfectionist boyfriend, there will be one more round just to make sure it is 100% (thank goodness for him!) Then it's all set and ready to paint (don't worry; that light fixture is not staying.  It was just our temporary light provider during demo and remodel)

There's our soon to be replaced door that leads into our master bedroom.

This weekends going to be a pretty busy one with the bathroom, and I promise to update in fewer than 4 months on the outcome :-)


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Bless that OCD Boy. Do another video of all that spackle and sand, etc.

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