There is nothing wrong with Chunky Legs!

And no, I'm not referring to my own insecurities right now.....I promise to explain in the post what I'm referring to. :-) 
After much deliberation on whether to let you in on our bathroom vanity plans or wait for a big reveal...well Of Course I decided to let you in on it!  

Terry and I have been racking our brains over our master bathroom vanity long before this project got underway.  We were searching everyday on craigslist for dining room hutches, dinner servers, vanities, and tables trying to find our perfect fit. 

We started with our likes in this arena, thinking that we could still put in undermount sinks and have storage.  (These first 4 pictures are just to give you an idea of the style we were liking, they aren't the actual pieces we found on craigslist)

Then we liked this type of feel, giving more openness to the small space in that bathroom but still having storage. We just kept running into the problem of the depth of the table and it not being able to fit a sink (undermount or vessel).

Around the same time, we started drifting towards the "lets think outside the box a little bit" approach to our vanity.  Terry started sending more and more table options, and I came across something I had never seen before....floating vanities
T was drawn more to the table affect:

I was drawn more to the floating sink affect.  Drooling actually.

We kept looking around and looking around online, and Terry sent me an email that ended up being "our" table.  (are you dying to see it?  Or did you cheat and scroll down already? ...You can scroll down and ::Peak:: at this point I suppose, since it will make the email convo between Terry and I all the more funny)
Our email chain went as follows:
T: Dang, this is what I had in mind.  Stout, with the drawers.
L: Not really a fan of the chunky leg.
follow-up email from T: Really?  I just figure since you are eliminating the whole box vanity, that the thick legs are still less than what it would normally be yet still make a “substantial" piece.

What is it with me and having to mull things over for a while and let it grow on me??!!  Something I admire in him so much....he knows a good thing when he see it! (nudge-nudge, wink wink, ha)

So Chunky Legs ended up being our winner.  I went and checked it out at the antique gallery the owners had it displayed in after work one day, and right when I saw it, I texted Terry with, "ohhhh we are buying it!"


It just has such character. And Terry found out from the owners that they had it made for them in Virginia (!!!) while they were living there, but when they moved out here, it just didn't fit their space anymore. 

As we work on its dimensions and make the cut down the center and get it harnessed up to the wall and pick out vessel sinks and fixtures, I will be sure to post updates.  Super Super excitement in our house about Chunky!


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