Terry Loves Gas!!

I laughed.  A lot.  I'm so witty with my post titles. 

I digress.

Terry has been itching to get our electric stove out of the kitchen, well, since the day we were thinking that our house was "the one".  It was actually a conversation with our real estate agent as to wondering how expensive it would be to run a gas line into the kitchen from the heater in our garage. 

Meanwhile, since March of last year (!!!), we have had our scratched-n-dented (which was neither scratched nor dented where anyone could notice) new gas stove waiting diligently in the garage. 
Funny side story: The gas stove was actually where Terry hid my Christmas presents this year.....and I did NOT go snooping for gifts....I was going to hide some of HIS presents in there and came across that he had already nabbed that hiding spot first!! I completely confessed to him that night that I was on to him, but I didn't peak!!

He had the day off from work on Monday, so we had our first contractors come to the house.  They ran the gas line and hooked up the stove, as well as did some work on the shower drain in our master bathroom project.  Monday was my long day with being at work for 9 hours, and then going to class for 5 hours.  He sent me these pictures throughout the day. 

Just for reference: Old Stove - No backsplash

 Old Stove - backsplash

 New Stove!!  It's so sleek and pretty.  I love her knobs on the front (PG PEOPLE!!)

Also love the fact that she has an oval burner in the middle.

Terry's message in the text: "You don't get color like that from Electric."  Got this just as I was biting into my raggedy little 6 inch ham and cheese Subway sub.  Words can't express how badly I wanted to be home.

Terry is thrilled! I am nervous I'm going to burn a lot things in getting used to the change. Pancakes will be my first test this weekend on the griddle insert for the center burner.  I'll provide a laugh post on Monday if I char them.  :-)


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