After Demo Dinner

After all the demolition, we were on the verge of just going out for dinner, but ended up staying put and cooking at home. 

We started with the simplest and most delicious appetizer...seriously; only 4 ingredients.  Mozzarella balls, sweet baby tomatoes, chopped basil, and balsamic vinegar.  I'm not a huge tomato fan but I could eat them like this all night long. 

We couldn't decide on which wine, so we opened two bottles.  I preferred the Hall Cabernet, while Terry more so enjoyed the Rutherford Hill Syrah that we picked up from our last trip out to Napa.

Dinner was delicious, not that I need to write that.  We had leeks and carrots in cream and vinegar (sounds strange but it is tastebud heaven), Bleu cheese mashed potatoes with green onion, and then Filet with a Red Wine Reduction.

It was a great ending to a hard-working day!


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