Bathroom Demo: Studs and Surprises

Another Saturday that was consumed with demolishing the bathroom. We ended up stopping demo two weeks ago simply because of the garbage and debri we were creating. This weekend, we bought a Bagster, which is essentially an enormous tarp that the garbage disposal company turned into a lawn bag that can hold large garbage items that they then come and haul away for you.  By the end of the day, we filled it to the top!  Start of Demo Day 2:  Bye Bye Toilet!  And then it was the sledgehammer to the walls.... See ya later walls!!

Down to the studs (my stud included:  Get it.  Play on words.  I laugh.)

Where the sink and vanity used to be.

Door out to our bedroom.

And now that the studs were shown, I can't forget to show the surprises the old owners and builders left for us.  Rather than move the toilet, they just decided to paint around it.  Good thing we've had angels in hiding for us all this time.  Although to be honest, I'm not sure whether I'd prefer the pink paint to them or not.  To each his own.

And in the walls themselves, we found the boxes that our light switches came in.  Eagle Electrical waste: Circa early 1960's.  Awesome.

Closer and closer we come to starting the new phase of this process.  We are plotting and scheming and shooting ideas left and right and we are certainly narrowing down our dream (in a pre-determined and limited space) master bathroom.  As always: So excited!!


Scientific Housewife said... Add Reply

Haha, love the play on words and the surprises. You guys are awesome for doing this, I don't think I could!

karen @ our slo house said... Add Reply

We're going through the demolition phase right now, too. It's just so UGLY, isn't it?! I know it will get better, but.... urg.

I can't wait to see what you guys do with your bathroom. :)

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